"For these residences, I wanted to create a unique enclave on an exceptional natural site and develop a strong identity for Anahita. The demeures will have a distinguished feel with an overall consistency, while celebrating singularities and the intimacy inherent to each home." 

By Jean-Michel Wilmotte Architect

MICHEL WILMOTTE is a French architect, town-planner and designer and a member of the french Académie des Beaux-Arts. Jean-Michel Wilmotte has developed an expertise in 5 key areas: urban planning, architecture, interior design, museography and product design services. He is recognised for his eclectic approach to architectural design and for his continual application of high quality materials and detailing. His extreme refinement, put together with the sobriety of shapes make him one of the most preferred architects of the leading international luxury groups.
For Anahita Mauritius, Jean-Michel Wilmotte has designed an exclusive collection of 8 exceptional “signature” villas, ideally located by the lagoon, which offers a panorama of a beauty with no equivalent: Les Demeures - Anahita by Wilmotte.