Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is Mauritius?

A: Mauritius is an island nation off the southeast coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean, about 870 kilometres east of Madagascar.

Q: Where is Anahita Mauritius?

A: Anahita Mauritius (“Anahita”) is located in Beau Champ, on the east coast of Mauritius. The coastline features stunning coves and emerald lagoons.

Q: What is Anahita Mauritius?

A: Anahita is a luxury real estate development under the jurisdiction of the Integrated Resort Scheme. Anahita Mauritius is developed on a sumptuous property of 213 hectares of freehold land along 6 kilometres of coastline and is a host of world-class features.

Launched in June 2008, Anahita brings the best of Mauritian lifestyle, culture and hospitality together in one superb domain. A truly incomparable residential resort, Anahita offers a wide variety of recreational, cultural and social activities.

Q: What is the Integrated Resort Scheme?

A: The Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) is a legal framework introduced by the Mauritian Government in 2000 to regulate the development and sale of luxury residential units to foreigners. The IRS provides high-class amenities and facilities to be developed along with the residential properties. Under the IRS, buyers may acquire luxury villas and apartments as well as plots of serviced land ready for construction.

The real estate development at Anahita Mauritius

Q: What is the current development status of Anahita?

A: Anahita is alive! More than 155 residential units, comprised of luxury residences and villas, have already been developed and sold to date. These include the neighbourhoods of Solaia, Lunea, L’Adamante, The Fairways and Four Seasons Private Residences Mauritius at Anahita. Additionally, the following services, amenities and facilities are fully operational:

  • the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita - a stunning all pool villa retreat with breathtaking views over an extensive lagoon and its own private island;
  • a 18-hole par 72 USGA championship golf course with a club house providing the finest amenities and world class services;
  • a double infinity-edge swimming pool adjacent to the beach;
  • a white sandy beach overlooking the sea;
  • 7 restaurants proposing various culinary experiences;
  • a yatch club offering a variety of motorised and non-motorised water sport activities;
  • a PADI diving centre;
  • wellbeing and fitness centres;
  • floodlit tennis courts;
  • kids’ and teens’ clubs;
  • boutiques and shops;
  • full concierge services to the residences and villa owners.

Ultimately Anahita will comprise over 300 residential units and the remaining undeveloped stands will be launched and developed in phases, in line with the original master plan.

Q: What is the latest development phase at Anahita?

A: The latest development phase is located in the neighbourhood named Amalthea and comprises 11 villas each on a private plot of land, 6 sets of duplexes (totalling 12 houses) each set positioned on a shared parcel of land, and 40 lodges partitioned among 10 blocks of 2 to 6 houses each. All residential units are located within a pedestrianised and landscaped neighbourhood accessible by golf cart only, and bordered by holes 1, 8 and 9 of the golf course.

The pre-sales started in December 2012 and the official launch with signature of reservation agreements will take place end of March 2013. You may register your interest for this project now by contacting our sales team.

Q: Who is the developer of Anahita?

A: The developer of Anahita is Alteo Properties Ltd (APL). Incorporated in 2004, APL is the real estate arm of Alteo Limited and the CIEL Group, responsible for the development and management of their numerous property assets, including lands, residential, industrial and commercial properties.

Alteo Limited is the result of the merger of Deep River - Beau Champ and Fuel Union Estates Limited which took place in July 2012. Alteo is the owner of Anahita Estates Ltd and the principal promoter of Anahita Mauritius. It owns important property investment holdings and sugar factories in the central and eastern regions of Mauritius.

The CIEL Group is a leading industrial and investment group based in Mauritius and operating in and around the Indian Ocean and Sub-Saharan Africa. The group employs more than 20,000 people in eight different countries. Its activities are spanned over three main clusters: agro-industry, textile and investment. Through Ciel Investment, the group has acquired key holdings in the tourism and leisure industries in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region. In 2006, the group took a new direction in the tourism and real estate sectors as it led major property development projects in Mauritius.

Q: What types of residential properties are available for purchase at Anahita?

A: The following luxury properties are available for purchase at Anahita:

  • Four Seasons Resort’s branded villas (limited offers);
  • Villas available off plan (sale in future state of completion) in the neighbourhoods of Amalthea and Solaia;
  • Duplexes available off plan (sale in a future state of completion) in the neighbourhood of Amalthea;
  • Lodges available off plan (sale in a future state of completion) in the neighbourhood of Amalthea;
  • Plots of serviced land ready for construction in the neighbourhoods of The Fairways and Solaia;
  • Apartment residences and villas available for resale.

Q: Who are the consultants presently involved on the Anahita development?

  • Project Manager: Flagstone Property Management Ltd
  • Building Contractors: General Construction Company Ltd, Ramasawmy & Ramasawmy Co. Ltd and Island Builders Co. Ltd
  • Architect: Macbeth Architects and Designers
  • Structural & Civil Engineers: Arup SIGMA and General Construction Company
  • MEP & Environmental Engineers: Arup SIGMA
  • Quantity Surveyors: V d’Unienville & Associates Co. Ltd., MLC Quantity Surveyors, Hooloomann & Associates Ltd
  • Interior Designer: Virginie Dalais in association with Macbeth Architects and Designers
  • Land Surveyor: Société d'Hotman de Spéville (SDDS)
  • Landscape Architects: CEPM and Land Concept


Q: What is the average construction period for a property purchased in a future state of completion?

A: Depending on the type and size of unit being built, the construction period, from site mobilisation to the handover of keys. This varies from 12 to 18 months.

Q: Are there options offered to further enhance the standard of the typical units which are proposed off-plan?

A: Yes. Options such as furniture package, bigger swimming pool, additional gazebo and garage are proposed for purchase in future state of completion. In certain cases, these options are subject to the type of villa being built and/or according to the plot specific conditions (such as plot area) - we invite you to contact us for further information in this respect.

Q: Is there a warranty provided on the residential properties of Anahita?

Decennial insurance policies cover the properties built in future state of completion at Anahita Mauritius. This will provide a liability period of 10 years for the “gros ouvrages” (major structural defects) and 2 years for the “menus ouvrages” (finishings).

Furthermore, the sales of units in future state of completion shall include a completion bond issued by a recognised Financial Institution. Essentially, this means that the bank is guaranteeing the completion of the construction, regardless of the financial situation the developer finds himself in.

Q: How are buyers kept informed of progress during the construction of their properties?

A: Alteo Properties remains in contact with the buyers throughout the construction period and sends monthly photo reports.

Living at Anahita (operations)

Q: Who manages Anahita’s estate?

A: Developments and life on the estate (Four Seasons Private Residences excluded) are guided by the rules and regulations of a “Cahier des Charges” or code. This code defines the contents and the frequency general meetings of homeowners as well as the responsibilities and duties associated to the homeowners and the Syndic (the Syndic being appointed by the Homeowners Association to look after the management and maintenance of all the common areas of the estate). The Syndic ensures that the rules and regulations, conditions, charges and servitudes established and imposed (as stipulated in the code) are respected, thus defending the interest of the homeowners and their investment. It also ensures that the most competitive quotes are obtained from different service providers and controls the quality of execution of their contracts.

The Homeowners Association provides a platform where homeowners can express their queries and concerns in respect of the management of the common areas, so that remedial actions are taken in the common interest of all parties being involved. General meetings of homeowners are organised, at least once a year, to approve several items on a predefined agenda, which includes the budget of common expenses (Syndic fees) for the estate.

Q: What are the common expenses?

A: Common expenses (Syndic fees) refer to the expenses that are incurred by all the homeowners. These include security costs, maintenance of all common equipment (generators, water and irrigation pumps, sewerage treatment plant, street lighting, landscaping, etc.), as well as general administration costs incurred by the Syndic.

Q: What level of security is there on the Anahita estate?

A: Maintaining a high level of security is always a key priority for us. Anahita is a gated estate and access is controlled at the main entrance gate. Security points are also discretely placed at the entrance of each neighbourhood. Security is outsourced to a recognised and professional service provider for full security services on a 24/7 basis. All strategic locations of the estate are under permanent security surveillance and Anahita is a safe and peaceful environment

Q: Can the residential properties purchased at Anahita be rented out?

A: Yes, depending on the location and on the type of property owned, different rental options are offered to the homeowners of Anahita Mauritius should they elect to rent their properties through the respective rental managers (Anahita Residences and Villas or Four Seasons Resort, depending on the neighbourhood). Currently, rental options are available at L’Adamante, Lunea, Solaia and Four Seasons Private Residences.

Q: Who manages the rental of the residential properties purchased at Anahita?

A: Four Seasons at Anahita manages the rental of the Four Seasons Private Residences and Anahita Residences and Villas Ltd manages the rental of the other villas and residences of the estate. They are both the providers of property management services designated by the IRS Company as per IRS Regulations, and are committed to deliver the highest level of service.

Legal, fiscal and financial matters

Q: Who can acquire properties at Anahita?

A: Both Mauritian and international buyers may acquire properties at Anahita. The following persons/legal entities may acquire residential properties from the developer of Anahita. You may acquire a property if you are a:

  • non-citizen or a citizen of Mauritius;
  • company registered as a foreign company in Mauritius under the Companies Act 2001;
  • company incorporated in Mauritius under the Companies Act 2001;
  • société, where its deed of formation is deposited with the Registrar of Companies of Mauritius;
  • trust, where the trusteeship services are provided by a qualified trustee licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius (FSC).

Q: What are the benefits of a property ownership under the Integrated Resort Scheme at Anahita?

A: These benefits include:

  • 100% foreign ownership allowed;
  • Ownership of freehold properties (whereas most properties on the Mauritian coastline are government owned and leased);
  • The granting of resident status for the non-citizens acquiring the property and to their (spouses and dependents included) which remains valid as long as the IRS property is owned;
  • No capital gains or inheritance tax as well as other fiscal advantages.

Q: Regarding the agreement of sale and the payment schedule to buy a property, what does the purchaser need to be aware of?

A: The Mauritian Civil Code (which is based on the French Napoleonic Code) ensures that buyers are very well-protected and are guaranteed full delivery of the properties that they have contracted to purchase in a future state of completion. Prior to the signing of the Deed of Sale (DOS) between the seller and the buyer, a Preliminary Reservation Contract (CRP) is signed by both parties. At signature of the CRP, the buyer settles a deposit with an independent Escrow agent, equivalent to a value varying between 5 to 25% of the purchase price of the property.

Upon approval by the Board of Investment, the DOS will be signed before the notary, whereby the title of the property is registered by the notary in the name of the buyer.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 1601-30 of the Mauritius Civil Code for purchases in future state of completion, the price set out in the DOS is payable as construction progresses as follows:

  • 30% on signature of the DOS (Escrow deposit included). The US$70 000 registration duty must be paid as well at this stage;
  • 5% on completion of foundations;
  • 35% on completion of roof structure;
  • 25% on completion of the construction;
  • 5% at hand-over of keys to the buyer.

Regarding the purchase of completed residences/villas or plots of serviced land (within neighbourhoods where all infrastructure works are completed), the full purchase price is payable upon signature of the Deed of Sale before the notary.

Q: What is included in the price of the properties for sale according to the price ranges offered on the present website?

A: The indicative prices of the villas for sale in a future state of completion (off-plan) include the value of the property (land and villa) as well as all fees and taxes. However, the package of furniture, fixtures and equipment remains optional.

The indicative prices of the plots of serviced land are all-inclusive prices and include the value of the land as well as all fees and taxes.

The indicative prices of the residences and villas on resale are all-inclusive prices and include the value of the property, all fees and taxes and the furniture, fixtures and equipment (if furnished).

Q: What standard furniture and appliances are integrated in the price of the properties (other than those forming part of the optional package for furniture, fixtures and equipment as described above)?

A: Kitchen appliances such as oven, microwave, cooking hob, extractor hood, dishwasher, fridge, and built-in furniture such as kitchen cupboards, dressings and vanities are integrated in the property price.

In the Region of Anahita

Q: What about the retail shopping facilities that are near Anahita?

A: There are a number of retail shopping facilities (convenience stores, supermarkets, specialised retail boutiques and shopping centres) that are located within 5 to 30-minute drive from Anahita.

Q: What about the medical facilities?

A: Mauritius has a variety of highly professional private clinics and public hospitals. Two of these world-class modern private clinics, namely Apollo Bramwell (located in Moka) and Fortis Clinique Darné (located in Floreal) are approximately within 40 and 50 minutes away from Anahita. Flacq Hospital and Medicare Clinic (both located in Flacq) are 15 minutes away from Anahita. No more than 5 minutes to reach a pharmacy by car.

Q: What about the schools?

A: The education sector has several private schools of international standards, delivering the Cambridge University A’ levels, the French Baccalaureate and the International Baccalaureate. Several tertiary education providers are also present on the island, offering internationally recognized degrees and post-degree qualifications.

Private primary and secondary schools, such as Clavis International Primary School (English), Ecole du Centre College Pierre Poivre (French), Ecole du Nord (French), Le Bocage International School (English), Lycee des Mascareignes (French), Lycee La Bourdonnais (French), Northfields International High School (English) are located approximately 40 to 50 minutes from Anahita.

Q: How far is Anahita from the airport?

A: Approximately 40 minutes’ drive.